Amyl and The Sniffers – out 24th May 2019

Amyl and The Sniffers are an unstoppable force of energy. With their self-titled debut album, the Aussie four-piece assert themselves as one of the world’s most explosive new bands.

Fronted by Amy Taylor, a rambunctious star on the rise with a no f*cks given attitude, the band seem to have harnessed their ferocity and refined it through careful instrumentation and tongue-in-cheek lyricism. From their scrappy upbringings in Melbourne, to signing with Rough Trade in 2018, there’s an evident transition from causing a ruckus in home recording sessions to a slick studio production with smoother guitar licks, a tighter finish and a clearer sense of direction.

Pivotal moments within the album include the track ‘Gacked on Anger’, a hair-whipping scream-along hit harnessing the rage felt by political uncertainty,  “I wanna help out the people on the street / But how can I help them when I can’t afford to eat / How do I survive? How can I get by?” Amy sings, a sentiment that transcends borders considering current our state of affairs.

‘Angel’ provides a break from the fury, as choral ‘aaahs’ backup Amy’s confession of falling in love with someone out of her reach. Then there’s ‘Got You’ which taps into those butterfly moments of a new crush as she chimes, “Beer in the cupboard, your eyes to mine / You skipped my queues and my lines.” It’s these moments of humility that soften her riotous edge and make the collection even more characterful.

However, it’s the final track ‘Some Mutts Can’t Be Muzzled’ that really makes the album unique. Combining Amy’s animal noises with a ravenous guitar solo, heavy distortion and the lyrics, “You got a new dog / Do you remember me? / She walks around on my old lead,” the band humorously nail that feeling of anim osity towards an ex.

John Lydon said, “anger is an energy,” and it’s this kind of ethos that drives the band. They exude the sheer passion of Sex Pistols, Riot Grrrls and old school punks alike. Yet there’s something significantly different about Amyl and The Sniffers, a unique charm that’s paired  with their unapologetically disruptive attitude.

Amyl And The Sniffer’s self-titled album is out now.