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Ahadadream // In Five

London-based producer and DJ, Ahadadream, represents percussive club sounds from all around the world. His latest project is club event, No ID, shining a spotlight on DJs and artists of asian decent. We caught up with him ahead of No ID #3 to hear a few tracks that from artists he thinks you should know ⚡️

Captain Over & Manga Saint Hilare // Interview

We were a fan of Captain Over as soon as we heard his collaboration with Trim on his debut EP last year and now, carrying the torch for his follow-up, is another of London's finest, Manga St Hilare, on a track that follows the same off-beat, sci-fi, grime path but with a more uplifting tone. We facilitated a chat between Captain Over and Manga to find out a little more about their working processes, why MCs can be "conservative" and what makes an outsider in grime.

Joep Beving // Interview

We went to meet classical composer, Joep Beving, in a serene corner of his home of Amsterdam to talk about how Henosis became the crescendo in a trilogy of albums, whether the pressure in following his initial success effected his creativity, his love for synths, and the magic of melancholy and why it touches us all.

Frenzy // In Five

Meet the the Hackney born community activist who is climbing the ranks with his exceptional lyricism and genuine care for his community. We caught up with Frenzy to listen to his latest single 'Ceaser' and he shared with us five tracks that have influenced his sound.

Amy Becker // Interview

This month, the incredibly accomplished Amy Becker will debut her live audio-visual show, Amy Becker presents Acrylic A/V: Synthetic Sensations, at East London’s The Pickle Factory as well as taking the Acrylic club event on a UK tour. Ahead of the shows, music writer and fellow DJ and Radio Host, Bethbethbeth, sat down with Amy to talk about her musical ascent, making it in the current climate, whether we should be watching how we dress, and the driving forces behind her multi-faceted music career as well as what we can expect from Acrylic as it evolves. 

Tommy // In Short

After watching people close to him suffer through mental illness and heartbreak, Tommy’s feelings became detached from the everyday life and towards deeper meanings. He began to write songs that, although often bleak, look to bring hope to those that are experiencing pain. Through his own struggles, music has always been there as a form of comfort, when people are not enough. We spoke to the singer-songwriter as his new single 'Pyre' graces the public realm...

Independent Venue Week 2019 // LiS Recommends

Running from 28th January to 3rd February, Independant Venue Week serves as a powerful reminder of the important role that independant venues play in the UK’s creative and cultural landscape. At LiS we’ve chosen our top picks for the week, serving as a guide to help you celebrate London's best independant venues and some of they acts they serve. 

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