Join us as we gain an intimate insight behind one of Bailen’s much loved live shows, this time at St. Pancras Old Church.

Bailen’s otherworldly musicality springs from a very deep well. Raised in New York by their classically trained parents, Daniel, David and Julia immersed themselves in the family’s diverse record collection. The group’s highly collaborative songs are formed by three very different individuals who were all inspired by literature and a love of language. The resulting songcraft of Thrilled To Be Here is rooted in the young group’s preternatural dexterity, insight and lyrical bite.

The group emerged by cultivating a passionate following via their live show, guesstimating over 300 shows to date, and touring and collaborating with such artists as The Lone Bellow, Joseph, and Oh Wonder among others.

We have been lucky enough to gain an intimate look behind their one of their much loved live shows, this time at St. Pancras Old Church, as they share with us their photo diary from the day.

1. Waking up is hard. But there are things to be done, st. Pancras churches to be played!

2. Brunch with David in Hackney’s E5 Bakehouse.

3. Back in London!! Daniel is revisiting all the old spots from when he lived in London. Feels good to be back.

4. Pizza with Ricardo!! Talking music and engineering and lots of good things. ️

5. We paid our respects at the alleycat where, 3 years ago, we played the worst gig in the history of Bailen. Julia lost her voice, Daniel broke a bass string in the first song and David’s kick drum sounded like a little click. All up hill from there babyyyyy

6. St. Pancras! We made it!!

7. Everything is a blur in sound check

8. Wires wires wires

9. Vocalist pro tip: never forget to stay hydrated.

10. Such a special night! Sold out show 🙂 such good people.

11. Yay!

12. And at the end of the night all that’s left is my lonely little water bottle 🙂

13. Family photo in front of shrubbery

Thrilled To Be Here is out now.