Over the last few years and even more so in the wake of recent events, Berlin’s club culture has been under threat. Griessmuehle is at risk of closing down on January 31st. The reason? Real estate speculation, generalised invasion of property investors and unwillingness to negotiate.

Berlin, we need to #saveourspaces and the time to act is now. Sign the petition here and read the full statement from Griessmuehle below:

We love Berlin and it‘s unlimited freedom. The freedom to be and to do whatever you want. There are many places that enable that freedom, especially in the city’s world-renowned nightlife.

Clubs stand for more than just for partying. They are places to unfold – for various people, for their orientation, their believes, dreams and wishes – for their culture. This is why so many people love Berlin.

But these places are in danger. We are in danger. It’s time to respect the clubs as they are, to acknowledge our cultural contribution and to give us a permanent place to exist.

Today, it was announced that Griessmuehle had negotiated with SIAG Property GmbH, an Austrian investment company, to throw one last Cocktail D’Amor, a household name in Berlin’s LGBTQ+ club scene, between February 1st – 3rd. SIAG Property has now decided it will no longer honour the 3-day extension, due to the public outcry from the local club activists in defence of the extinction of the space.

For more information, visit griessmuehle.de/sos.