Dead Oceans – July 12th

The Clavin sisters are back with their sea-soaked, West Coast garage punk and a new sense of perspective following their newfound sobriety. As a result, the album is awash with survivor anthems and reflections on their past lives. Lead single ‘Hard To Kill’ is an indie disco bop reminiscent of The Gossip circa 2009, while ‘Heartbeat Away’ possess the power chord-heavy pop-punk of Charly Bliss and the catchy love-struck joy of Carly Rae Jepsen. The band cast a wide musical net, incorporating post punk on ‘Get What I Need’ and a dreamy girl group sound on ‘Somebody Dial 911’. Despite the dark times that influenced it, the record leaves one buoyant; a reminder that daybreak is always on the horizon.

Photo by Nicky Giraffe.

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Live: The Lexington on August 22nd