16-17th October @ Funkhaus Berlin

Multidisciplinary creative school, Catalyst (formerly dBs) have announced the 2020 edition of their annual Signals Festival, corona-safe and full of treasure to unearth.

This year’s non-profit event will showcase work and performances from Catalyst-associated artists, including live performances, immersive installations, film screenings and more, both in person and online. Offering considerable brainfood, you’re also invited to attend a series of dialogues and workshops on topics ranging from design within the music industry (with Ableton) and the pandemic (with Music Pool and others), to hybrid drumming and filmset intimacy.

The live lineup announced so far includes Berlin in Stereo favourites GOZI and Tight Flowr – who among others will both be presenting their In Five picks for us – plus forward-thinking producer-DJs such as alys and Jabrome, adept aural experimenter, Doron Sadja, ambient techno veteran, Cem Oral and many more.

Owing to our friend Corona, this year’s event will have very limited in-person capacity. But fear not, many things will be streamed live to ensure that no-one misses out on the rich and thought-provoking programme that Signals have lovingly put together for us amid challenging times. Tickets will be made available one week prior to the event. Performances and dialogues will be available both in-person and via streaming, with the same for workshops, just at more limited numbers to allow people to participate. Much of the festival will be free of charge.

Connect with Signals Festival and join their official event to hear about tickets first.

Full lineup so far:

Live: alys​ /​ ​Cocktail Party Effect​ /​ ​Cem Oral​ / ​Doron Sadja​ /​ ​GOZI​ /​ ​Jabrome​ / ​Maja Olenderek / ​Malva Luma​ / Mizuki Ishikawa / ​Pablo Diserens​ / ​Samaquias Lorta /​ ​Stina Francina / ​Tight Flowr.

Installations: Robin Koek​ & Tamas Marquetant /​ ​The Rasa​ /​ ​Henri Falk

Screenings: Various TBA, plus a special feature on filmmaking during lockdown.

Dialogues: Impact of design in music making​ (with​ ​Ableton​) / Where is the pandemic taking the music industry?​ (with​ ​Music Pool Berlin​ and​ ​Telekom Electronic Beats​) / Building an anti-racist, inclusive and diverse music scene​ (with​ ​GSBTB Open Music Lab​,
Black Brown Berlin​)

Workshops: Hybrid drumming with ​Merlin Ettore​ (with Kommunal) / Intimacy on set with ​Julia Effertz

Listen to a recent set from Jabrome here: