Goblin Prince // Gallery

Goblin Prince at Bar Bobu, November 19th. Photos by Sophia K. Emm

Eat Lipstick // In Five

If you're looking for Berlin disco, glam, punk or all that's in-between, you've come to the right place: Eat Lipstick are that and so...
Christian Muller

In Berlin // Christian Müller – Pon’t Danic Music

"There’s always some kind of clash in the mindsets of people living here: West-East, young-old, new-old residents."
Sudan Archives

Sudan Archives // Interview

“It felt really good to collaborate… And if it sucks, just blame it on them.”

Girl Ray // Interview

"We wanted to go a bit off-piste and write some stuff that wasn’t all just diary entries, you know?”
Anna Of The North

Anna Of The North // Interview

“It was like losing that part of me, so I had to find that again. You just have to start over.”

Violetta Zironi // In Five

Italian-born Violetta Zironi started singing at the young age of three. By joining a local choir, her aptitude for music developed quite rapidly, and...

Pizzagirl // In Five

Living up to the vibrant name, Pizzagirl makes infectious, off-kilter pop that feels like the soundtrack to a forgotten John Hughes movie. The creative...

Peaches // Interview

“It’s my way of coping with my view of the world, my way of saying ‘fuck the patriarchy’.”

A.S. Fanning // In Five

Those with a true gift for words are hard to ignore. Drawing inspiration from Irish literary tradition and folk music, as well as 60s...

iris // In Short

Iris' new EP, the aptly named femme floral, is fully-formed, world-class pop. Picking up where debut, a sensitive being left off, it builds on...


On the cusp of her show at Kantine Am Berghain (part of XJAZZ Festival), we invited Sassy 009 to share some the tracks that...

Tangerine Dream // Live Review & Photos

Passionskirche, 25th October In the early years of Tangerine Dream, the band was often subjected to missiles of rotten fruit and vegetables while on stage....

Kris Baha // In Five

Our latest In Five comes courtesy of Berlin-based Kris Baha.

Jackie Mendoza // In Five [Pitchfork Paris Special]

Pitchfork Paris is coming up quick, so we caught up with Jackie Mendoza ahead of her performance.

Jacques Greene // Interview

Ahead of his new record 'Dawn Chorus' coming out this Friday we speak with Jacques Greene on collaboration, inspirations and his ever-evolving sound.

Blue Hawaii // In Five

Blue Hawaii select five tracks that have influenced their blissful dance grooves including Alice Deejay, Molly Nilsson and more.

Jenny Hval // Interview

“I think for someone who feels different, or is treated differently, being able to feel ordinary is a place of calm”.

Holly Herndon // Interview

"Somebody has to take a risk and come up with something new in order for music to progress, otherwise we’re stuck in the now forever."

Shura // Interview

“Even in the four years since I released my first record there are so many more queer female, male, non-binary, gender non-conforming artists."

Lil Halima // In Five

Lil Halima crafts a blissfully smooth and silky blend of pop-infused R&B. Ahead of her show at The Courtyard Theatre, get to know her In Five.