Releases Of The Month January 2020

Releases Of The Month // January

Hello, 2020. You look like you could benefit from a heap of great new releases to get you started.

GENTS with Ultraflex // Review & Gallery

Photos by: Sophia K. Emm Entering the repurposed yard that houses Internet Explorer between now and its imminent demise, I’m met with a substantial but...

Tirzah // Live Review

silent green Kulturquartier, 1st December On an icy Sunday evening at the silent green Kulturquartier – an atmospheric crematorium-turned-art space, nestled into Wedding – a...

Earth // Live Review

SO36 – 29th November Once upon a time, it was just Indian classical musicians and arty oddballs such as Terry Riley who had mastered the...

Iceland Airwaves // Review

Find out what we got up to at this year's fantastic Iceland Airwaves

TR/ST – The Destroyer 2 // Album Review

Musical direction differs from that of his past, but by incorporating raw, truthful elements into his music, Alfons has created an inspiring record – and his most consistent to date.

Tangerine Dream // Live Review & Photos

Passionskirche, 25th October In the early years of Tangerine Dream, the band was often subjected to missiles of rotten fruit and vegetables while on stage....

Sampa The Great – The Return // Album Review

Sampa The Great’s debut LP, 19-track The Return, will cement her position as one of contemporary hip-hop’s freshest and most intriguing voices.

Floating Points – Crush // Album Review

Floating Points - aka Sam Shepherd - flits between experimental techno, transcendent house and dark ambiance to reach the recesses of the human brain.

Nils Frahm – All Encores // Album Review

Yet even when Frahm is at his most ambitious, you get the sense it comes almost effortlessly to him.

(Sandy) Alex G – House Of Sugar // Album Review

This is (Sandy) Alex G's most progressive work yet, proving he's moved away from being a cult prodigy to one of the industry's most prolific artists.

Jerkcurb – Air Con Eden // Album Review

His bedroom pop sensibilities remain, but this is a vision that feels vastly widescreen this time around.

Alex Cameron – Miami Memory // Album Review

This new perspective suits him; the mechanical funk of the opening ‘Stepdad’ is among the finest things he’s written, while the irresistible ‘Bad For the Boys’ tackles the #MeToo movement with admirable tact...

Sampa The Great – The Return // Album Review

Sampa The Great’s debut LP, 19-track The Return, will cement her position as one of contemporary hip-hop’s freshest and most intriguing voices.

Efterklang – Altid Sammen // Album Review

There’s not a bum note to be found in these superbly played and recorded nine songs.

G-Flip – About Us // Album Review

The Australian—deep breath—drum teacher-turned-multi-instrumentalist-bedroom producer has since released a host of brilliantly zestful singles.

Lana Del Rey – Norman Fucking Rockwell! – Album Review

Norman Fucking Rockwell! is a graceful portrayal of the singer’s new-found strength and stability, marking what is undoubtedly her greatest record to date.

Kano – Hoodies All Summer // Album Interview

Danny Wright dissects Kano's essential new album with Robin Murray and Caitlin Scott.

Metronomy – Metronomy Forever // Album Review

Designed to evoke a radio-like listening experience, the album offers a constantly shifting carousel of styles, often interspersed with interludes. In less experienced hands, such a format could feel disjointed, but in Mount’s it’s immersive.

Alex Cameron – Miami Memory // Album Review

Miami Memory continues where 2017’s Forced Witness left off in its expansive dad-rock stylings but marks a welcome thematic shift - Wilf Skinner reviews Alex Cameron's new record.

Charli XCX – Charli // Album Review

When it peaks, though, it’s clear to see why there’s so much buzz surrounding the artist...Because let’s be honest, she’s royalty-tier now.