Heavenly Recordings – March 15th

CHAI’s infectious blend of electro-pop is on par with dance-punk legends The Julie Ruin in their latest effort Punk, both from a musical perspective and through their unquestionable ability to overturn expectations. Merging the kawaii influence and positivity of their debut album, Pink, with a powerful and unapologetic feminist standpoint, the Japanese four- piece solidify their concept of self-expression and perfect imperfection without holding anything back.

While the synth-fuelled ‘GREAT JOB’ discusses the holistic and therapeutic nature of cleaning, defiant tracks such as ‘I’m Me’ and ‘Fashionista’ expresses an urge to break away from societal expectations. Later, ‘Feel the BEAT’ pays homage to their earlier indie-rock roots, but the atmospheric dance beats of ‘FUTURE’ steal focus towards the end, combining dream-pop influences with a natural optimism.

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Live: Moth Club on May 17th