Self-Release – July 12th

Ever since ‘Career Boy’ strutted across my phone screen last year Dorian Electra has been melting my mind with their saccharine satire. Hooked up to a caffeine drip and chained to a filing cabinet, Electra goades “C’mon, hit me with your ledger”, applauding and lamenting nine-to-five pen-pushers and never for one second without a hint of hilarity. Flamboyant is pop to the core. The sleazy synthesisers, staggering amounts of autotune and trashy hooks were enough to bring on my hyperglycaemia, thus rendering it difficult at times for me to process the excellent commentary Electra provides on the ridiculous social constructs forced upon all of us, especially the queer community. If Axel von Fersen found the flux capacitor and wound up at Danceteria, this is what would happen, hopefully.

Photo by Charlotte Rutherford.

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Live: Thousand Island on August 14th and August 15th