If you’re looking for Berlin disco, glam, punk or all that’s in-between, you’ve come to the right place: Eat Lipstick are that and so much more! Having recently released their sophomore album, New Wig! No Rules!, recorded in Berlin’s historic Tempelhof airport alongside Peaches (who else?), the four-piece band are ready to set stages on fire with an unapologetic sound, one that shapes these well-tread genres into new forms. If you think you’re ready for this, think again. No one can tame Eat Lipstick… Not even themselves.

We invited founding members Anita Drink, queen of her own kind and kingdom, and the satanic prince of glam, The Shredder to give us some insight on their new album, its inspirations and to lift a veil on the core essence of Eat Lipstick.

Boston – More Than a Feeling

AD: I was playing this song for a whole summer, annoyingly, in all DJ sets, much to the shock or love of the dancefloor… This duality of extreme emotion to this specific song laid the groundwork for our sonic mayhem to come. ‘Dog Nose Summer’ is the true story of mental illness, public masturbation and mistaken canine / human identity, a comedy of chaos, sad and true.

TS: It’s less than a feeling and more of bad touch. Before I made it into Earth, many of the radio stations in Hell played this song over and over, so I guess I could see how this would be an influence for ‘Dog Nose Summer’.

Bauhaus – Stigmata Martyr

TS: The greatest love song to influence the possession of evil that exists inside my soul, and reminds of home, Hell. The chord progressions remind me of ‘Eye Am Rock n’ Roll’, evil chords going down, down, down to Hell and back again (solo influenced by Sails of Charon).

AD: Ditto… Eye like me some Bauhaus! And Eye would add that [other Bauhaus track] ‘Sanity Assassin’ also lends itself to the same feeling, while throwing in a little Suicidal Tendencies…

Scorpions – Sails of Charon

AD: A big hit song for Anita Drink and also The Shredder, directly influencing our DJ sets and writing styles. Especially Anita’s dream sequence writing style and ‘Vagina Jolie’. Intellectual property, whose idea was it? An ever-growing conversation. Even Elvis back in the day copied other artists to get some of his mojo.

TS: Anita forced me to learn this solo (we call our version ‘No Sales for Sharon Stone’) until my fingers bled. But the solo on our ‘Eye Am Rock n’ Roll’ is influenced by this song.

AC/DC – Hells Bells

TS: The opening of this song again reminds me of the sounds of home and my alarm clock that tries to wake me every morning, with a haunting but simple guitar melody much like in our song ‘Dirty Little Secret’. Combine that with the general ethereal guitar playing from The Edge on The Unforgettable Fire and that influences the basics of melody in this song.

AD: One of my faves too and big influence. It reminds me of many great moments as a DJ and singing along with The Shredder’s Hell Guitar, also of making out in the back of a Chevy…

Koko Taylor – I Got What It Takes

AD: Blues and R&B are a big influence on Anita’s singing style. Debbie Harry herself after watching an Eat Lipstick acoustic show commented: “She was one of the best blues singers I have ever heard.” This moment in time gave Anita new confidence in her singing abilities and also allowed for more self-reflection. Our song, ‘As Long as I got a Face’ = Blues, Booze and Ballerina, Anita’s fantasies, plus a biographical sketch leading into a dream sequence of radio glory and bar room blues idolatry.

TS: Koko who? I learned the blues in Crossroads Mississippi.

Eat Lipstick will perform at Monster Ronson’s Ichiban Karaoke 15th Anniversary party, alongside Peaches, Yung Meekz and Pansy & The House of Presents, this Saturday, 30th November 2019. Info and tickets here.