Hamburg’s Finna is fighting the good fight. Complete with t-shirts reading ‘FAT FEMINIST HOMO’, she and her crew stand for body positivity, self-love and generally giving zero fucks.

Her new single, ‘Overscheiß’ is an all-guns-blazing assault on ‘oversized’ clothing, featuring discussion on the redundancy of the concept and the right to wear what you want, without others’ commentary – all with your “middle finger in the air”.

Ahead of her Berlin show this week, we asked her to share some of the tracks and artists who have inspired – and continue to inspire – her fierce, much-needed music.

Finna plays Monarch this Thursday 20th February, tickets and more here.

Enjoy her tracks below:

Lizzo – Juice

I love the whole message of the song. Lyrics like “Ain’t my fault that I’m out here makin’ news” and “If I’m shiny, everybody gonna shine” make me feel ‘Good as Hell’ (another amazing Song of hers) and show me that self-love is so important and possible! It gave me the confidence to show my body in public, especially during the shooting of my new video for ‘Overscheiß’.

Miley Cyrus – Mother’s Daughter

One of my favourite videos, because she shows a nice range of different body-types. And I wish I had the possibilities to realise that in a DIY context because it’s totally amazing!

Vikken Då – Silvana Imam

For me, Vikken Då is one of the most inspiring queer-feminist rap artists ever. “This is much more than rap music, this is female revenge” is the credo. She talks about visibility of mental health and struggles with a sexist and toxic society. And I love the way she puts all her energy into her music and creates access for everyone.

Gossip – Heavy Cross

Ten years ago, Beth Ditto and her band, Gossip, came out with ‘Heavy Cross’ and it’s been one of my favourite songs ever since! She was one of the first lesbian idols I had. That’s also the reason why I said in a verse of ‘Overscheiß’, “Half naked like Beth Ditto, I’m dancing through the Club”. It seems she gives no fuck at all what people think about her body or sexual orientation. Pure energy and love!

Sookee & Alex Schrottgrenze vs. Jennifer Rostock – Hengstin

It was really difficult for me to show the perfect video of Sookee or Alex*Saskia, so here is my one of my favourite features were I can show both. Sookee has inspired me a lot to do leftwing queer-feminist rap in the German language. I love her entire work! Alex*Saskia is also part of the queer-feminst inidie band, Schrottgrenze and drops hits like ‘Life is Queer’ (you see me in the video, too!) and the video for ‘Overscheiß’ was shot at the same studio! I’m very thankful for the connection I have with them – they both supported me a lot the whole time I’ve made music!