“I’m obsessed with the 80s and a dreaminess that is just supposed to coax you in and make you sway. I think it’s important in my music-making that I can really visualize the vibe of the song and that they actually take you somewhere.”

Swedish singer Emma Nydén is taking a leap of faith, releasing today her first single, ‘About You’, taken from her solo debut EP. After the highly-praised release of ‘Maybe 95’ by Berlin-based trio Massaje, where Nydén acts as a vocalist and frontwoman, she spent the following year writing solo material which is now coming to fruition. Her music puts a spin on existentialism, nostalgia and broken love, crossing the boundaries of shoegaze and bedroom pop.

Drawing inspiration from the likes of Cocteau Twins, Prince and Fleetwood Mac, ‘About You’ is an 80s synth-inspired lullaby, built upon airy soundscapes and breathy vocals. According to Emma, the single is about “exploring yourself whilst being consumed by the thought of someone else. Basically, an ode to masturbation.”

Spending time recording and producing her first release as a solo artist at Funkhaus Berlin, Nydèn says the EP is about “purveying a feeling of hopelessness blended with hopefulness. It has a lot to do with my constant struggle with existential questions. Then also different narratives of love that consume you – and it doesn’t really matter if they good or bad.’

Watch the video for ‘About You’ below:

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