Warp – May 24th

It’s been an eon since Flying Lotus’s last album; the dark, DMT-splashed You’re Dead!. Flamagra, pieced together in the five-year interval between records, is a lighter work but no less devious, bringing the dancefloor onto the astral plane. This is a constructed Odyssey, more firmly grounded in hip-hop and jazz than the previous psychedelia. FlyLo sounds content to let his identity wash in the bright lights of his star guests this time around, with his distinctive bass runs and texture running through Flamagra like a pillar. The weird and winding Tierra Whack and Denzel Curry – who pens part two of his own hit, ‘Black Balloons’ here – burn brightest, while David Lynch is aural set dressing, an indulgence of FlyLo’s avant garde filmmaker appetites.

Photo by Renata Raksha.

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