Good Soldier – July 12th

Moulded from the ashes of isolation, regret and vulnerability, the highly-anticipated debut album from London-born artist, Freya Ridings, is a thunderstorm of raw emotion. Blurring the lines between deep melancholia and electro-pop empowerment, the album transitions effortlessly between waves of emotional intensity, as Freya’s renowned, vocal-heavy approach succeeds in highlighting her strongest attributes. ‘Poison’ softly opens the record with a delicate piano melody, gradually building to a plethora of haunting orchestral elements, before the singles ‘Lost Without You’ and ‘Castles’ provide a flawless indication for what’s to come. However, while ‘Love Is Fire’ reaches into anthemic territory, and ‘Holy Water’ rivals the back catalogue of Adele, the most impressive track on the record undoubtedly comes in the form of the fierce yet ethereal ‘Ultraviolet’.

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Live: Eventim Apollo on 22nd November