RVNG Intl. – March 8th

If, like me, you consider steel drums to be the most joyful instrument on the planet, then you’ll probably concur that Roberto Carlos Lange’s ability to make them resonate with sweet melancholia on ‘Imagining What To Do’ neatly sums up the rich and sumptuous experience of This Is How You Smile. On one hand, you could let the album gently wash over you: ‘Please Won’t Please’ the soundtrack to those Sunday ‘Well, if you’re having a Bloody Mary I will too’ scenes. ‘Seen My Aura’ filling the sky at sun-kissed summer roof-top parties, where your friends are as happy and carefree as you’ve ever seen them…

Or, if your space allows for more contemplation, you can soak up the tender ruminations on family, friends, love and self that course through this record: “Take care of people today, hold their hand, call them up if you, wanna say: ‘Hey’…” is a message that feels just as good as that sun-kiss or Bloody Mary.

Photo by Anna Groth-Shive.

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Live: Eventim Apollo with Beirut on April 12th