Ex-Local – January 25th

Cornwall-based sisters Hockeysmith were quite the buzz band five years ago. ‘Let’s Bang’ was stirring dream-pop, while the darkwave acid house trip of ‘But Blood’ was a masterclass in fusing guitar and synth. Now, with Annie Hockeysmith continuing without guitarist Georgie, she’s produced an EP that keeps experimentation alive but introduces flushes of pop. ‘Lonely Loving You’ is Annie’s catchy “Kylie-on-acid” number. Elsewhere, inspired by ’90s IDM and Cornwall’s historical rave subculture, Annie employs dance samples such as York’s ‘On The Beach’ for ‘Messed Up’. This ode to self-destruction shapeshifts fluently from Balearic to slowcore. With shoegaze guitars, ‘Tears At My Age’ is the most idiosyncratic ‘old’ Hockeysmith song – almost as if Georgie’s back – though Annie proves she can do it alone.

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