When did you move to Berlin?
When I saw light for the first time in late 1990! I was born in Berlin, growing up in the East part of the city and still living in Weißensee.

Who is your top Berlin artist at the moment?
With our unique history of national and international artists, it is hard to pick one musician. Right now, I have a crush on Andi Fins and his amazingly charming indie-pop gems, combining local flair with more international sounds.

Tell us your go-to places to eat and drink.
I love going to the cosy Gin Chilla near Warschauer Straße. It’s a journey through the worldwide tastes of Gin that your heart will never forget. Also near Warschauer Straße is the famous 1990 vegan restaurant, serving various great Asian bowls and dishes.

What’s the best way to spend one really good day here?
I love walking around lakes like the Weißensee, or maybe meeting friends with a Radler at the Spree-site. I advise you to try out some of the local Currywurst (also in vegan!) and visit the collection of prestigious museums we have here. Or – just meet me with a Gin somewhere.

What’s your favourite thing about the city?
Its unique history and collection of myriad cultures and subcultures, giving Berlin that modern international symbiosis of one global hotspot. There’s always something to discover or to learn about this town and you can never get bored. And there’s always a new friend waiting for you around the corner.

And your least favourite?
Sometimes it’s hard to understand why it still takes so much time and patience to get to know each other better. There’s always some kind of clash in the mindsets of people living here: West-East, young-old, new-old residents. It’s so easy to just take a step towards someone or something new, but some people seem ignorant.

Top venues?
I loved the old White Trash and Rosi’s, unfortunately now gone. Their memories will live forever. Nowadays I like the Kulturbrauerei with all its various locations like Frannz Club or Alte Kantine, you should visit the Kesselhaus Acoustics in Summer and just walk through that historic place. It is magnificent!

From your time at Pon’t Danic, what’s your advice for new artists and industry newcomers?
Think outside the box. If you do the same as everyone else, no one will pay attention to you, try to give your sound or your work a unique turn that speaks for itself. Don’t try to be like everyone else, just be you and show it through your art.

Christian Müller, PR manager at Berlin’s Pon’t Danic Music, working in promotion, management and press since 2014. More at: pontdanicmusic.de