Luminelle Recordings – April 26th

Jackie Mendoza is a bilingual pop-explorer, mining various traditional sources for more esoteric jewels that embody her penchant for expanding on less linear notions. LuvHz, her debut EP, is a succinct introduction to Mendoza’s imagination, full of kaleidoscopic range that merges with surprising cohesiveness. Whether through the jarring, clanging industrialism of ‘Mundo Mias’, the atmospheric, Balearic release that runs through ‘Loco Flow’ or even the lo-fi bedroom twinkle of ‘Seahorse’, Mendoza’s fascination for immediacy melds the EP together into a pleasingly substantial whole.

The one constant within the ever-transcending move through genres is Mendoza’s voice, at times considered and shrouded in vocal-affected mystery, at others sensual and flowing peacefully alongside the ebb and flow of the transitions. It’s a broad early entry from an increasingly interesting personality.

Photo by Tayo Oyekan.

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