Earlier this month Kamandi released his debut album Voices, showcasing the Christchurch producer’s atmospheric, dusky electronica. A sublimely immersive listen and the perfect soundtrack for long summer nights, we caught up with Kamandi to find out some of the tracks that have influenced his sound.

With glistening, delicate melodies and echoing vocals that spiral into a heady, brooding cosmos of sound, the title track of the record encapsulates the textured and deeply emotive journey that Kamandi takes you on throughout Voices. From moments of blissful deep house, to sparse, scattered beats and woozy, celestial electronica, Voices is a striking debut and if you’re not yet familiar with Kamandi then let this be your introduction.

With Voices out now, get to know Kamandi In Five, and check out the full record here.

Brian Eno – The Big Ship

Brian Eno is a don. The dad of ambient music, and a great all-round songwriter. This is my favourite song of his, it made a big impression on me growing up. It builds perfectly. This song can take me back to good times whenever I need a pick me up.

Zbigniew Preisner – Lacrimosa

Man this song is just one of the most beautiful compositions. When the vocals come in hot at the end and then stack with harmonies it is one of the most moving things I’ve heard even to this day.

2Pac – Dear Mama

Tupac’s “Me Against The World” was the first CD I ever owned, I was blessed with it from an uncle. This song always reminds me how thankful I am for my mum. I used to really feel like it was speaking to me when I was being stupid growing up and getting suspended from school and arrested. Hearing it these days now that I’ve got my own baby girl only adds to the feeling of how incredible mothers are.

Boards of Canada – Kaini Industries

I like music that gives a nostalgic feeling. Boards of Canada do nostalgic music so well. They make those special sounds that hit you in the soul and for that reason I’ve always appreciated them.

Burial – Near Dark

When Burial’s Untrue album came out it had one of the most interesting sounds ever for electronic music. This track epitomises what is great about Burial’s music and I could just as easily have selected any track off the album. The feeling that Burial’s music created was a good example to me of what I wanted my music to do for people.

‘Voices’ is out now, listen here.