To celebrate the launch of the seminal Lord Of The Mics DVD which has become a UK Top 10 hit for its last two releases, Jammer set sail on the Thames, cruising by East London, to celebrate and exclusively launch LOTM 8.

Last week, the flagship vessel ‘The Millennium Diamond’ embarked on a cruise down the River Thames towards East London, where grime originated in the early 2000’s, and saw a myriad of talent on board to perform including Lord Of The Mics’ co-founder and BBK affiliate, Jammer, to celebrate the launch of Lord Of The Mics 8.

LOTM has been paramount to the growth of grime and the art of battle rap in the UK with early contenders being some of todays biggest UK stars including Skepta and Wiley. The platform seeks to elevate underground UK street culture and the artists within it, becoming a focus and a benchmark for numerous upcoming artists. Some feel the platform is the biggest launchpad they have in to the industry and work for years to master their craft to a high enough calibre before they put themselves forward for battle. Using their lyrical prowess to gain the upper hand against each other in a series of ‘clashes’, the footage is captured and released to a huge fan base as “Lord of the Mics”. Under strict rules and guidance, in a controlled environment, the battles not only test the skills of those involved but also test and teach participants strong self control and respect for one another.

Within this fantastic and unconventional British Institution, LOTM provides a platform that requires participants to focus and positively use their energy, determination and skills. Nobody is crowned a “winner” by LOTM directly as they feel that the clashes are such a subjective experience for each listener that it is down to them to choose their own winner, often opening a whole mass of debate online which only ever elevates the brand and the participants further, in turn doing exactly what it set out to do and giving the participants the limelight and the springboard to launch in to their own careers.

We got an exclusive look into the launch event and it’s myriad of grime guests as they set sail through East London to launch Lord Of The Mics 8.

Lord Of the Mics!

The modern day grime queen – Rebecca Judd shining as always.

Grime scene link up as Sharky Major steps on board to rep the Grime Originals brand!

Snap! Snap! The full scene turned out for this launch with their cameras at the ready. Great to see the support and how captivated fellow emcees and journalists were by the vibes. #LOTM8

One of the best parts of hosting LOTM is being the ref in the ring and looking after the future of grime. You can tell by the crowd all of the good vibes that went down with this clash. Shout out Tommy B and Jay0117.

The energy and passion that is created in a clash is off the richter – here’s a taster of Ten Dixon VS Tana – their faces speak, no joke.

When your team is so patterned you can smash any event! Big up DJ Maximum bringing the BBK vibes and killing the decks.

LOTM 8 is out soon.