Mac’s Record Label – May 10th

Everybody’s favourite lovesick scoundrel is back, and he’s sticking to the plan. With Here Comes The Cowboy DeMarco saunters through the saloon doors and serenades us with a bluesy collection of railroad ditties and mournful ballads. Lead single ‘Nobody’ swaps DeMarco’s trademark slider for a saturnine horn, parping under pizzicato chords. His razor-sharp witticisms burn as his jaunty vocals belie his true meaning with lines such as “Hop on a plane, fly out to Spain, you can die alone,” interspersed amongst songs like ‘Choo Choo’, which apparently mean nothing. An air of sarcasm hangs over the whole record, and if I’m honest, I was hoping for something a lot more radical. Best listened to in the haze of lonely summer evenings.

Photo by Coley Brown.

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Live: Rough Trade East on June 24th