Atlantic Records – April 26th

One of the first gigs I ever went to was Marina & The Diamonds. I saved up my Saturday café job money and cried as she sang ‘I Am Not A Robot’ onstage in Birmingham. But as I have grown, so has Marina. Leaving behind the suffix ‘and The Diamonds’ along with her platinum-blonde hair and black eyeliner love hearts, just Marina has never been more herself.

Boosted by previously-released singles ‘Superstar’ and ‘Baby’, her dual-concept album LOVE + FEAR holds our hand as we venture through a jungle of infatuation, confusion and growth. ‘Karma’ unpicks her ‘Heartbreaker’ persona alongside Latin-inspired guitars while ‘True’ lays bare the Welsh singer-songwriter in all her gooey electro-pop glory. Instead of pushing for new versions of an idolised self, Marina has taken a much-needed step backwards.

Photo by Zoey Grossman.

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