Curve Of Earth is the incredibly honest debut album from Ohtis. Sculpted from frontman and songwriter Sam Swinson’s remarkable and painful personal experiences – an upbringing in a fundamentalist evangelical cult, time in and out of rehab battling heroin addiction, a friend’s fatal overdose – the collection of songs are as darkly melancholic as they are gently uplifting. There’s a wit and knowing-smile underlying everything Swinson does with the darkly upbeat ‘Rehab’, almost reminiscent of undeniably contagious early Noah And The Whale, offering a catchy, country-pop take on an incredibly difficult subject. ‘Running’ too offers a timeless, breezy Americana ditty on another heavyweight topic, forging links with others on the fringes of society. The eight-track LP paints a picture of hope, through examining the bleakest moments.

Photo by Alexa Viscius.

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Live: The Lexington on May 15th