Comprised of best pals Sophie and Natalie, Panic Pocket formed back in 2017 for the ever-wonderful First Timers Festival. Since then they’ve been delivering infectious lo-fi electro-pop with their songs “celebrating intense friendships and demonising shitty relationships”. Ahead of playing a show for Spectrum Gigs tomorrow, we caught up with the duo to find out about five tracks that have inspired them.

Having released their debut EP earlier this year, Panic Pocket’s blend of witty lyricism, catchy indie-pop hooks, and dulcet harmonies shine through on Never Gonna Happen. Singing about “trash men, bad bosses and unrequited online lust” the duo offers humorously relatable tales delivered with an infectious enthusiasm.

Ahead of playing Spectrum’s show at Strongroom Bar tomorrow, we caught up with Panic Pocket to find out about five tracks that have inspired them.
“Spectrum is a promotions collective championing music by women, PoC and LGBTQIA+ folx. Gigs are every month at Strongroom bar and are free entry! Interested in playing? Drop us a line at”.

Best Coast – When I’m With You

The much-repeated sound of hazy summers that boosted the desire to one day make witty, angsty beach-pop like Bethany (and also get a cat). When I’m With You is a perfect banger.

Charmpit – Free the Burbs

Charmpit are the Prom Queens of our hearts. Everything they do inspires us, from their stage outfits to their abundant use of emojis. Free the Burbs is about striving for something more exciting. But we’re not sure there’s anything more thrilling than this tune – and the sexy, joyful video that accompanies it. It’s impossible to be gloomy when you listen to this band.

Molly Nilsson – 1995 

We’ve seen Molly perform several times over the years and she never fails to make us want to bleach our hair, take up chain-smoking and ride around Berlin on a Korg.

Jemma Freeman and the Cosmic Something – Helen Is A Reptile

Having seen this band live on multiple occasions (and even been lucky enough to share a bill with them) we always come away feeling desperate to write and suckerpunch the world. Swagger, magic and powerful vocals – it’s infectious!!

Ghum – I Am The Storm

Ghum have a gorgeous, dark, intense sound and watching them play is mesmerising. They define themselves as ‘ghost grunge’, which is possibly the best genre ever. I am the Storm is a brooding tune about finally admitting that a relationship is broken, which is a theme PP write about a lot. Go for a long, autumnal walk around a cemetery with this in your headphones and return more powerful.

Photo credit: Carl Farrugia

Panic Pocket plays Strongroom Bar for Spectrum’s monthly show at Strongroom Bar tomorrow (August 21st), and it’s free entry! Event info here.

Also catch Panic Pocket in a couple of months’ time at DIY Space for London on October 4th. Tickets here.