Wichita Recordings – August 16th

Marking the sixth studio album since the band’s formation, shoegaze pioneers Ride return this month with an outstanding twelve-track release. This Is Not A Safe Place begins with a distorted three-minute instrumental, before the dream-pop haze of latest single ‘Future Love’ breaks through the chaos, embodying a sense of desire and infatuation. The drastic contrast of ‘Repetition’ and ‘Kill Switch’ comes next, layering echoes of heavy, post-punk influences with a burst of raw emotion, until ‘Clouds of Saint Marie’ brings the record back to a bittersweet sense of nostalgia. ‘15 Minutes’ reaches back into early-nineties territory, while the rest of the album expertly blurs the lines between The Cure’s Disintegration and Silversun Pickups’ entire discography, finishing with the beautiful, yet intensely emotional ‘In This Room’.

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Live: Barbican on December 9th