Ruf Dug- The Committee – Out 26th April 2019

Northern waxy sleaze expert Ruf Dug teams up with one of London’s most exciting new labels, Rhythm Section International, to produce a synth-drenched sunshine throwback E.P to the nineties. Just in time for the annual Easter heatwave, The Committee is a shameless slice of street soul, and it’s smooth as hell.

Opening track ‘Down To It’ is both hilarious and an actual banger as Chris Watson pants ‘someone send a nurse ‘cos I’m dying…to get down to it’ over chunky synths and a cheeky cowbell. ‘Fell From The Stars’ is a trip hop vibe with the excellent hook, “love is a female”, crooned by soulful singer Sienna Mustafa and her sister Nadine.

Meanwhile, digidub standout track ‘Sunrise’ will take the bitterness right out of your morning coffee, as smokey vocalist Natalie Wildgoose has you hanging on her every word and the sweet reggae beat pulls you into a new day.

‘All U Got 2 Do’ is full of wistful synth harmonies and art-house spoken word with more dodgy lyrics to put a smile on your face. The whole record feels almost like an experiment in tongue-in-cheek homage that doesn’t take itself too seriously but is still written and performed skilfully and earnestly enough to be taken seriously. The first release from Rhythm Section International to be created start to finish in their South East London studio, it’s a worthy collaboration indeed.