With their name, Shybits, may convey petiteness – but they’re neither shy nor small. In fact, they’ve gathered praises from acts as big as Gurr, Art Brut, Drangsal and Ilgen Nur, to name a few. As the coronavirus pandemic hit, they were set to tour alongside Odd Couple, Lioniden and Art Brut, now postponed to be picked up sometime near in the near future.

Formed in 2017 by members from three distinct countries – Liam from the UK, Meghan from South Africa and Piero from Italy – they create a fun and engaging blend of cheerful post punk, psych, grunge, surf and garage rock, along with singalong melodies that occasionally break into out-and-out yelling. With an EP and a handful of singles already released via Berlin-based rock label, Duchess Box Records, their trajectory is clear and in at their own command. With each release, we hear them more cohesive as performers, composers and songwriters and we’re excited to see what the future holds for them.

According to Meghan, the video for their new single, ‘Flower Mountains is ”a homage to one of our favourite bands, Pixies. We made it with the help of our friends as always. It’s a dreamscape-y backdrop for the song, which is about nostalgia and sometimes happy, sometimes melancholic recollections of people and places and moments in your life. It is, like most of our songs, slightly obscure.”

Ahead of their show tonight at Torstraßen Festival x United We Stream event, live from Volksbühne in Berlin, we invited Shybits to tell us all about their musical identity, influences and favourite releases.

You can watch the live stream here! Starts at 19h00 (Berlin time).

King Krule – Alone, Omen 3

Piero: I saw King Krule and his band in March at Columbia Theater. It was the last concert that I saw before the lockdown due to the coronavirus, and it was one of the best concerts that I’ve seen in Berlin. This song is one of my favourite releases of the year. I love the way that sounds are used, especially for transmitting this kind of dark vibe which it has, even though it is possible to understand from the lyrics that it is a hopeful song.

Ulrika Spacek – Mimi Pretend

Piero: This band has been around for some years now but I just discovered them a few months ago. In this song, I love the different dynamics created between the jangling guitars and the powerful chords in the chorus. I hope to see them live someday.

Pixies – Velouria

Meg: Bossanova from Pixies is such a significant album for me. Their video for Velouria inspired the video we made for Flower Mountains, such a simple concept but so nostalgic. Nostalgia is a definitely a theme in our songs and we share the love for Pixies so we were happy to pay homage to this, in our video.

Sad Lovers And Giants- Colourless Dream

Liam: An incredibly underrated and not so well known band. When I first heard this song it immediately grabbed my attention, with the hooky new wave guitar riff, heartfelt melodies, 80s drum production and abstract lyrics! The perfect combination in my eyes. I highly recommend checking them out.

The Feelies – Crazy Rhythms

Liam: Another track from the 80s, this band is incredibly influential to me, with the intuitive spontaneity and loose aesthetic, their songs are so well structured and very smart. The dry, natural sound of the production on this record is just perfect and unique. The drummer and bassist lock together so well with the dual guitars and floating melodies. Shybits definitely soak up this vibe.

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