Big Scary Monsters – August 2nd

These indie-folk anecdotes and internal musings of a far-from-spotless mind showcase Jake Ewald’s enigmatic, wry and pathos-laden storytelling. The songs’ musicality – simple electric picking or swells of slide guitar – provides a lush, fertile soil in which these things of beauty can take root. ‘One Down’ acutely depicts life’s tendency to bring only partial success and ‘Black Oak’ is a cautionary tale about “eating household objects for a dare”.

Listening to the new Slaughter Beach, Dog album is like discovering a previously-unpublished set of Raymond Carver short stories. You’ve not heard this album yet, so if you’ve never read Short Cuts, or seen John Altman’s 1993 film based on those stories, you have three things to add to your ‘To Do’ list of essential cultural learnings.

Photo by Jessica Flynn.

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