January 25th – Merge Records

After years carving out a musical identity as a one-woman punk band, on her third release Sneaks, aka Eva Moolchan, focuses on forging the DIY practicality of the lo-fi world with her need for avant-garde experiments. Highway Hypnosis veers between diluted versions of 90s rave culture and bass-heavy hip-hop. It’s an approach that bubbles and bounces quietly on the experimental r&b number ‘Ecstasy’, while the sultry ‘Suck It Like a Whistle’ is a ready-made electroclash club banger. The album is also awash with samples of conversations and percussive household items, heard on ‘Money Don’t Grow On Trees’. The result is an album that evokes the same cut and paste feel as the zines from the punk culture Sneaks came up in and clearly is still loyal to.

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Live: The Windmill Brixton on May 1st