Sassy 009 – Ghost Town (Spotify Studios Recording)

Our love for Sassy 009 is no secret. Having made waves with her excellent 2019 EP, KILL SASSY 009, Norwegian producer Sunniva Lindgaard is back with ‘Ghost Town’, recorded in collaboration with Spotify’s Oyster playlist. The new single sees Lindgaard raising the intensity of her music, yet, keeping the unique melancholy that her voice offers. From breakbeat to even a touch of drum’n’bass, plus a stomping bassline and an angelical chorus, this track has the invigorating sound we need for the summer.

From Moyka‘s pop banger ‘Kanazawa (Maybe We Don’t Have To Go There)’ to Luis Ake‘s ‘Kiew’, we’re also featuring ‘How can I’ by 박혜진 Park Hye Jin and Drab City‘s ‘Problem’. Elsewhere, we’re bringing you Shifted‘s ‘Traces Rise’, ‘Through The Garden’ by Lewsberg, Westerman‘s ‘Your Hero Is Not Dead’, ‘Stop Me From’ by Flikka, Austra‘s ‘I Am A Mountain’, Soko‘s ‘Blasphémie’ and more! From Berlin, have a listen to Shybits‘s enthusiastic ‘Flower Mountains’, Kitty Solaris‘ ‘Supermoon’, Yusuf Sahilli‘s ‘You’re It’, off his new record, Let’s Do That and Garfive‘s ‘Come Over’.

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