Mrs. Piss – Knelt

Any collaboration between Jess Gowrie and the almighty Chelsea Wolfe was bound for greatness. Under the name Mrs. Piss (bold choice), both musicians reignited their 2017 collaboration but kept it under wraps until last week. Self Surgery, their debut album due out on May 29th via Sargent House, allowed Gowrie and Wolfe to reconnect as friends and collaborators, and showcase a different type of songwriting and production that differs from their main projects.

From Irène Drésel’s immersive ‘STUPRE’ to Charli XCX‘s ‘visions’, we’re also featuring ‘Sadie & Maud by Prince Innocence, DJ Boring‘s ‘Like Water’, Italians Do It Better’s latest signing, Kraków Loves Adana‘s ‘The Ocean Between Us’, Alison Mosshart‘s ‘It Ain’t Water’, Lazarus Kane‘s ‘Night Walking’, Perfume Genius‘ ‘On The Floor’, ‘Big’ by Honey Lung and more! From Berlin, have a listen to Ran Nir‘s ‘I Am with You’, Lisa Akuah‘s ‘Natural Worrier’, XTR Human‘s ‘Darkest Side’, Margo Sanda‘s ‘Aspettami’, ‘Instinto’ by Demian Licht, and ‘All Alone’ a collaboration between Alanas Chosnau and, the inimitable Berlin legend, Mark Reeder.

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