Born In Flamez – Surviving Capitalism

If you’ve been in, out or through the Berlin experimental and electronic scene, you’ve most certainly come across Born In Flamez, a project notorious for its gender and genre subversion, gathering a multitude of musical deconstructions, dualism and visual idiosyncrasy. Having previously collaborated with HEALTH and currently touring Europe with BbyMutha, Born in Flamez are currently gearing up towards EMPATHY, their new EP out via Friends of Friends.


As for our first Berlin in Stereo Tracks of The Week playlist, we are spoiled for choice! From Tame Impala, El Perro Del Mar and CocoRosie‘s brand new tracks, to a fine collaboration between Neukölln’s finest gentlemen John Moods and Better Person, our darling Sea Change, Easter, Sassy 009 and more – you will most certainly find something to ease your ears with.

Header Photo: Born In Flamez by Lisanne Schulze