Ultraflex – Never Forget My Baby

It’s no lie that we have an enormous appreciation for what Ultraflex have released throughout this critical year. Their previous two singles – ‘Olympic Sweat’ and ‘Work Out Tonight’ – saw us enter the realm that Farao and Special-K call their own, but with ‘Never Forget My Baby’, we feel like friends joining them in their bedroom and journeying through contagious pop melodies. Gathering inspiration from Janet Jackson, Cher and Saâda Bonaire, ‘Never Forget My Baby’ expands their premise as we expect their much-anticipated debut album, ‘Visions of Ultraflex’, out on October 30th, to be one of most addicting records you will hear this year.

Watch the video, directed by CYBER‘s Jóhanna Rakel, below:

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Enjoy the full playlist here:

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