CYBER – Calm Down (feat. JFDR)

CYBER is the transmuting longterm project of Icelandic best friends, Salka Valsdóttir and Jóhanna Rakel. Currently settling on art-pop, their new single, ‘Calm Down’ is as soothing as it sounds, with an ambling pace, delicate vocals and bittersweet wordplay on self-blame.

The video sees the duo on an overcast beach, with messy beehives to match the track’s doo-wop vocals, embodying the post-vacation blues. “I’m so tired of blaming myself,” they sing, “but blame expires like flowers and seasons.” Summer may be over, but Cyber are here to soften the blow.

We have heaps of Berlin artists representing this week, from Logic1000‘s hypnotic, ‘Blossom’, to A.S Fanning‘s cathartic ‘You Should Go Mad’, to ‘Discobummer’ from the relentlessly-creative EXE. There are new ones from Morioh Sonder, Better Person, Lea Porcelain, Hyper Opal, Marlais and ISAbella too! Further afield, we get the long awaited return of Tune-Yards, a 100% cry-to-able offering from Loma and the pioneering Oneohtrix Point Never resurfaces with the immediate ‘Long Road Home’.

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