“I want my music to create a raw and intimate space; a space where emotions can be dramatised, a space filled with twisted, almost caricature-like characters. It’s a ragged world in which we’re all just kind of stumbling about – but it’s beautiful and you are not alone. This world feels very true to my own nature and hopefully, it resonates with like-minded people.”

Reminiscing early Nick Cave, balanced with a delicate nature along the lines of Kate Bush or PJ Harvey, Mone thrives on hollowness, as she purges her thoughts while waving goodbye to insincerity. Countering her burdens with layers of lyrical intimacy, her beautiful new single, ‘Crocodile Kisses’ is a dark and sensual ballad, the kind of song that is equally beautiful and brutal when professed with the degree of honesty she does.

Set to be released this autumn via The Famous Gold Watch Records, ’Crocodile Kisses’ is the title track from Mone’s upcoming debut album; an exploration of love, desire and heartbreak. About the new single, she shares:

“Crocodile Kisses is a song where hope, disillusion and memory come together in a story about a baby dove, a crooked crow and two lovers tumbling downstairs. It’s put together from conversations I had, diary-writings and fantasy. It comes from a dark place in which love feels like a burden, a struggle, a dead horse being dragged behind you.

Watch the video for ‘Crocodile Kisses’ below:

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