With a background in classical music and visual arts, Icelander, Katrín Helga Andrésdóttir’s Special-K dangles between faded dreams, ironic innocence and an honesty that is equally endearing and blunt – making it hard to pinpoint, but exciting to explore. Combining everything from pop culture to fashion and poetry in order to create her very own realm, her music feels like a cabinet of curiosities. Her poised production creates a home for lyrics that are laden with melancholic reflections on longing, dwelling and conformity in the current digital age, as well as on the topics of love, (un)fulfilment and boredom.

On I Thought I’d Be More Famous by Now, her excellent debut album, Special-K embarked on a journey into the growing pains of life while being ironically miserable, an exercise in countering the rooted tendencies of impostor syndrome. Now, arriving soon via Street Pulse, Andrésdóttir releases her first single, ‘Quest To Impress’, from her upcoming EP, LUnatic thirST.

About the new single, she shares:

“There is a clear motive in the song, it’s an attempt [at] seduction – a quest to impress. I have a background in classical piano and wanted to make something that would be challenging for me to play and sing when performing live, inspired by Joanna Newsom’s ability to play complicated polyrhythmic harp while singing the most intricate melodies. For the texture of the sound, I mixed harpsichord and flute samples with stupidly simple electronic drums. Amateuristic sophistication, that’s Special-K in a nutshell.”

Watch the video for ‘Quest to Impress’ below:

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