Concert series, Vital Function, are set to return to the RAW-Gelände’s Urban Spree this Saturday for a third offering, VF#3.

Billed as the “sounds of machines, vocal chords and instruments played by humans”, Vital Function disrupt the usual gig formula and reconstruct it in their own way. Emphasising minimalistic electronic setups, the artists are arranged in the middle of the crowd, blurring the lines between performer and listener.

Doing away with the concepts of openers and headliners, opting instead to “create a vibe, story and emotion” when ordering their artists, the guests for VF#3 are varied, contemporary and hard to ignore.


Expect infectious synth punk from Berlin duo, DAS DAS, contrasted by the hypnotic, looping electronics of Spanish-language soloist fiesta en el vacío. Meanwhile, the gothy, drum machine-lead postpunk of Ventre de Biche spans a spectrum from Joy Division to Devo, as unexpectedly-named Icelanders, Russian.girls, offer a darkroom-ready sound sure to turn any self-respecting Berliner to their side.

VF#3 takes place at Urban Spree, this Saturday 11th January. More here.

Check out Russian.girls’ fantastic ‘Marius’ here: