Secretly Canadian – September 13th 

Alex Cameron revels in the naff, but never at the expense of utter catchiness. Miami Memory continues where 2017’s Forced Witness left off in its expansive dad-rock stylings but marks a welcome thematic shift. 

He still deftly spins tales of impotent alcoholics in holiday inns just like the washed-up entertainer persona of his debut or the jacked-up arsehole of Forced Witness. However, it’s a much more personal, frank album: on ‘Too Far’ he delivers a monologue to his beloved, and on the opening track he takes the mick out of a ‘stepdad’. There’s no longer that ironic distance, because he’s become one. ‘Far from Born Again’ is a tightly-constructed show of support to independent sex workers.

There are no big-name collaborations this time, having previously collaborated with the likes of Angel Olsen and Kirin J Callinan, but here Cameron adds a new level of intimacy to his sleazy and often stirring anthems.

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Photo credit: Chris Rhodes