AWAL – July 26th

Why, in 2019, can art still think of no better subject matter than heartbreak? Maybe because it ultimately transcends all individuality, all nuance, and taps into the rotten core of our shared human experience. Not that we forget the nuance, for the nuance is key, but we fall all the same. The individual experience made universal through a string of idiosyncrasies.

For Melbourne native Angie McMahon, heartbreak’s idiosyncrasies play out under fluorescent chicken shop signs, in her disaster of a bedroom, in the enduring and enviable love of her parents, in the hope of a better future, in pasta, and in the strength of being a woman. Routed in country and folk traditions alike, McMahon’s debut album, Salt, turns from driving anthemic rock to intimate melancholia in an instant – her incredible vocals and self-deprecating humour permeating 11 raging, hopeful, vulnerable, invincible and delicate songs that address romance, toxic relationships and female empowerment in equal measure.

Photo by Paige Clark.

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