Luminelle Recordings – August 30th

Montréal’s Bodywash sit comfortably between experimental chaos and a calm serenity on their outstanding debut album, Comforter. ‘Reverie’ kicks off the hazy, dream-like atmosphere of the record, and the track’s beat transitions maintain an upbeat energy throughout, contrasting with its closing counterpart. ‘Twins’ presents Bodywash at their finest, blending harmonic vocals and pulsating synths as the band seek peace and emotional stability, a concept later torn apart as the spectacular ‘With Heat’ layers heart-wrenching guitars with a bittersweet sense of longing. Imaginative and emotionally raw, Comforter remains hypnotic throughout every track, as the gold-tinted waves of ‘Sunspots’ move effortlessly through ‘Eye to Eye’ and into the distorted soundscapes of ‘Reprise’ and ‘Paradisiac’.

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