Hailing from Wembley, the mild-mannered Cartae is coming into her own as an artist. 2019 is set to be a big year for the young singer-songwriter and so we sat down with her for a quick chat as her EP, Minutes, graces the public realm.

As the rain drenches commuters in Shorditch, Cartae is sat in the busy Nova Hotel alongside close friend Ragz Originale. Having learnt her trade in classical music, boredom and curiosity drove the Londoner to rap music where she started working with the Ragz.

“Rap music was an outlet to express myself. I wasn’t ever that good at rapping to be honest.  I used to sing the hooks and Ragz said I should just sing.

“That’s where I really found my sound. Ragz works closely with me, he saw something in me that maybe I didn’t see in myself at the time.”

Cartae is part of Mini Kingz, with Ragz, Oscar #Worldpeace and Benjiflow. The collective has carved out a unique identity that sets them apart from what’s happening in the UK. Each member has something to say and they have proved themselves as a noteworthy movement.

Like Ragz, the others have also made an indelible mark as solo artists. Cartae is the only female member of the group and has now decided to step out from the shadow.

One thing they all place emphasis on is visually illustrating their music, Cartae is no different. She said that videos play a big part in her music and she believes that video is important to get the whole story across.

She describes herself as dreamy, colourful and loving and believes that she gets that from her upbringing in Wembley.

“I have always been around loads of difference cultures and background. There have always been loads of people to be inspired by.”

Minutes is out now.