Conspiracy International – August 30th

Triumvirate, the third and “final” collaboration between Throbbing Gristle’s Cosey Fanni Tutti, Chris Carter and Nik Void of Factory Floor, is a hypnotic, subtly noisy and unnerving piece of electronic improvisation that, in all honesty, sounds a lot like the two that came before it.

That’s a good thing. The preceding Transverse I and II were works I always regarded more like uneasy, fascinating dreams than albums, and an opportunity to slip back in to this trance-like world is one fans of the trio’s existing pair of records won’t want to sleep on.

It’s a good way to go out, but I do wish they’d continue. A good thing then that the word “final” has always been a rather vague term in Throbbing Gristle circles.

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