In Five: J. Vague

As Berlin's J. Vague breathes New Life into vintage R&B with his debut EP, we simply had to ask for his selections for this...

Candice Gordon // In Five

Kicking down doors with her tenacity and ever-incisive with her poetic writing, Irish singer-songwriter, Candice Gordon is the full embodiment of an artist on...

A.S. Fanning // In Five

Those with a true gift for words are hard to ignore. Drawing inspiration from Irish literary tradition and folk music, as well as 60s...

GOZI // In Five

In a time where pop music is being deconstructed and reevaluated, it's since left more space for innovation and experimentation. With the establishment of...

Blue Hawaii // In Five

Blue Hawaii select five tracks that have influenced their blissful dance grooves including Alice Deejay, Molly Nilsson and more.

RENU // In Five

Throughout the years, British-Bengali musician Renu Hossain has gathered a pristine repertoire in several musical fields. Splitting her time between London and Berlin, the...

The Heatwave // In Five

Dancehall sound system and production outfit The Heatwave are renowned for their explosive live performances, we caught up with them in the middle of their Jazz Cafe residency for the month of June as they celebrate 16 years in the business.

Happyness // In Five

After two and a half years Happyness is back! In celebration, the sensational Ash Kenazi shares five inspirational and influential tracks with us.

Jasper James // In Five

Jasper James brings Fred P and Nick Höppner to FOLD this weekend in a Mitchel Street Records takeover.

Special-K // In Five

It’s no lie that we have a soft spot for the wondrous world that Reykjavík-born musician Katrín Helga Andrésdóttir creates. A trained classical musician...

Pieces of Juno // In Five

The wonderful Pieces of Juno talks us through her journey as an artist in five tracks.

Violetta Zironi // In Five

Italian-born Violetta Zironi started singing at the young age of three. By joining a local choir, her aptitude for music developed quite rapidly, and...

CC Honeymoon // In Five

We caught up with CC Honeymoon ahead of his performance at The Great Escape Festival to find out about a few tracks that have influenced his sound, in light of his most recent single 'Make It Right'.

Katerinha // In Five

Katerina Stanishlevikj has been an integral part of Berlin's music scene for a good while – spending time as a musician, DJ and booker...

Bow Church // In Five

Remember witch house? It was great, right? We miss it. As some of the members of this now nostalgic community drifted into other genres...

We Will Kaleid // In Five

Münster-based art pop duo, We Will Kaleid concoct an interesting dynamic of sound and vision. Picking up minimalist beats, elaborate sound design and layers...

Gabriel Olafs // In Five

Gabriel Olafs is a precocious and prolific talent. With his debut album out today the youg pianist and composer shares five tracks that have influenced him.

Madison McFerrin // In Five

As the Jazz Cafe link back up with gal-dem to once again celebrate International Women’s Day, we spoke to one of the three rising stars on the bill, Madison McFerrin, and she shared with us five stunning tracks by women that have inspired her.

© Linda Fox // In Five

Part-time Berliner © Linda Fox is no stranger to taking risks. Taking an adventurous and amalgam approach to his music, he fuses distinct genres and...

Happa // In Five

With his entrancing, unsettling new single 'Only Darkness' out today, Happa shares five tracks that he's digging at the moment.

Linn Koch-Emmery // In Five

Stepping into the limelight in 2017, Linn Koch-Emmery has been stated as one of the most rapid rising stars in modern indie rock. Ahead of her performance tonight at Ja Ja London, we spoke with Linn to find out about a few tracks that she's got on repeat.