Koan Sound // In Five

KOAN Sound has gone through quite a range of styles since their beginnings back in the late 2000s. We caught up with the Bristol duo as they talk us through five of their tracks.

Ahadadream // In Five

London-based producer and DJ, Ahadadream, represents percussive club sounds from all around the world. His latest project is club event, No ID, shining a spotlight on DJs and artists of asian decent. We caught up with him ahead of No ID #3 to hear a few tracks that from artists he thinks you should know ⚡️

Lil Halima // In Five

Lil Halima crafts a blissfully smooth and silky blend of pop-infused R&B. Ahead of her show at The Courtyard Theatre, get to know her In Five.

Bow Church // In Five

Remember witch house? It was great, right? We miss it. As some of the members of this now nostalgic community drifted into other genres...

CC Honeymoon // In Five

We caught up with CC Honeymoon ahead of his performance at The Great Escape Festival to find out about a few tracks that have influenced his sound, in light of his most recent single 'Make It Right'.

Flamingods // In Five

As well as releasing forthcoming album, Levitation, Flamingods are set to bring their incendiary live show to venues around the UK in April and May in support of the record. We chatted to the band to find out about a few tracks that have influenced their new work. 

Tight Flowr // In Five

Berlin's 23-year old producer-songwriter, Tight Flowr is a sculptor of sublime and strange pop songs, created, in her own words,  "as the echoes of...

Bungalovv // In Five

Argentinian producer, Pablo Betas inhabits a space of musical patching, juggling sounds sourced from genres ranging from dembow, jungle and dancehall to obscure club...

Theo Bard // In Five

With his new EP out today, Theo Bard shares some of the sounds that have influenced the evolution of his deeply emotive, and beautifully brooding sound.

Pizzagirl // In Five

Living up to the vibrant name, Pizzagirl makes infectious, off-kilter pop that feels like the soundtrack to a forgotten John Hughes movie. The creative...

Finna // In Five

Hamburg's Finna is fighting the good fight. Complete with t-shirts reading 'FAT FEMINIST HOMO', she and her crew stand for body positivity, self-love and...

vōx // In Five

We caught up with the sublimely ethereal and spellbinding vōx to get to know some of the influences behind her transcendental sound.

One Room Hotel // In Five

They say you can never know someone’s reality until you walk a mile in their shoes. Tinged in cigarette smoke from Neukölln bars, One...

GOZI // In Five

In a time where pop music is being deconstructed and reevaluated, it's since left more space for innovation and experimentation. With the establishment of...

Joep Beving // In Five (Lowlands Festival Special)

Joep Beving pick five tracks that have influenced his sound ahead of his performance at Lowlands Festival

K.Flay // In Five

Delivering a powerful blend of alt-pop, rap and astute, witty lyricism K.Flay's music exudes an empowering, passionate essence expressed as much in the sound...

Garfive // In Five

Parisian-born Garfive has been making waves since his relocation to Berlin in 2016. Self-proclaimed bedroom producer, he draws inspiration from a wide range of...

Zeug // In Five

Finding an intersection between abstract and grandiose, Berlin-based noise-rock/drone trio, Zeug build layers upon layers of powerful walls of sound, easily encapsulating the listener...

Hungama // In Five

HUNGAMA is East London’s Queer & Creative Bollywood Hip Hop night. Ahead of Saturday night's Fashion Week party, founder Ryan Lanji shares five tracks to give you a taste of what to expect.

Tuvaband // In Five

Tuva Hellum Marschhäuser has a taste for density and brooding atmosphere, both elements that shine in her latest record under the moniker of Tuvaband....

Frenzy // In Five

Meet the the Hackney born community activist who is climbing the ranks with his exceptional lyricism and genuine care for his community. We caught up with Frenzy to listen to his latest single 'Ceaser' and he shared with us five tracks that have influenced his sound.