Lucky Number – May 10th

Met with collective critical praise for their 2017 debut, Guppy, Charly Bliss return with a sophomore effort that’s more considered and introspective, but only fractionally less pop-punk and bombastic. Eva Hendricks’ distinctive, high- pitched range accentuates the juxtaposition between the squeaks and shimmers with jawbreaker-like lyrics, where each catchy, sugar-laced layer gets closer to a centre that’s confused and searching for answers. The groove and bright pop synths of ‘Chat Room’ and the emotional weight of the title track paint the picture of growth and evolution of Charly Bliss’ sound on Young Enough into something unique rather than novel. All the depth and changes aside, this record is fun and it’s exciting to know there is more to come from them.

Photo by Ebru Yildiz.

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Live: Scala on November 6th