After already dropping two big singles this year, we’ve been left impatiently waiting for this South London artist’s debut album to drop. To bide our time, we caught up with the man himself, Collard, to find out about a few tracks that have influenced his sound.

Born just outside of South London and raised as a strict Mormon, although he no longer practices, Collard’s music is a refreshing departure from the algorithmic trend-chasing that has come to dominate today’s music scene. With his unique and emotive falsetto, Collard reveals rare truths about the human experience and his music exudes an almost tangible sense of vulnerability, sensuality and pathos.

When traditional song structures are holding back his creativity, Collard rejects them in favour of innovation, nowhere is this more apparent than in his recent single ‘Warrior Cry’. Reminiscent of the calm after a summer storm, ‘Warrior Cry’ is an intricately produced and stirring missive about the power of allowing yourself to be saved.

Collard’s follow up single ‘Ground Control’ is equally personal, revolving around deep emotions, feelings of vulnerability, metaphors, adolescent days of debauchery and a celebration of sexual desires.

Whilst we wait patiently (on the edge of our seats…) for Collard’s debut album, we caught up with the South London artist to find out about a few tracks that have influenced his sound.

Rolling Stones – Worried About You

Epic song, I love the rawness of the vocal. It’s a real gospel-rock tear jerker, it makes me happy, sad and inspired all at once. Beautifully heavy.

James Brown – The Boss

If I was given the responsibility of scoring a film based on “the sexual prowess of the black man” this song would run throughout the whole film. The baddest man to ever do it.

FRIGS – Trashyard

An incredibly haunting song. Every time I play this song it stays on repeat, everything about it captures me sonically, her voice, her cadence, the chemistry between the band. It’s a dark rock masterpiece.

Bakar – Unhealthy

One of the purest & most vulnerable sounding songs I’ve had the pleasure of taking in. If you catch me drunkenly walking my dog around Camden with my headphones in, this is what I’m listening to. Everyone should be onto this guy, he’s bringing back a feel & honesty through his writing that modern British music has been lacking for a while. The producers not too bad either…

Palatine – Grand Paon de Nuit

I turn into a smug Parisian when I listen to this. I’m an unbearable human to be around once I’ve taken it off repeat. It’s too rich and exquisite I barely know what the geezers on about but it hypnotises me none the less. Listening to this song convinces me my car deserves only the most premium of diesel. I told you… unbearable.

‘Ground Control’ is out now.