After two successful evenings at Arena and Maze in 2018, Detriti Mini Festival will be moving from the shores of Kreuzberg to Urban Spree, in Friedrichshain, on Friday 13th December. The event reignites once again the collaboration between Berlin-based Herzschlag, the event organisers and promoters responsible for bringing you the finest selections and novelties from of cold wave, post-punk, minimal synth and EBM world since 2014, and Detriti Records, a label bringing a breath of fresh air with a new wave of DIY-inspired acts that carry the core honesty of 80s and 90s post-punk and minimal wave. The event has given a stage to acts such as Molchat Doma, Light Asylum, Visitor, Autumns, Dusty Idols and more.

For their collaborative third event, Colombian producer, Filmmaker, Black Sun Dreamer, from Poland, and Parole E Azioni from Italy/Germany will be performing, along with Herzschlag’s own Hanzel and Jaakko, taking the decks for the remainder of the evening. Get to know the acts more below, and brace yourself for an evening guaranteed to be tinged with black, drenched in sweat, with no lack of pounding kickdrums to dance the night away to.


Hailing from Medellín, Colombia, Filmmaker does not lack a punch while dabbling between distortion and EBM. For the experimental structures he creates, the scores are dark and murky, bridging modern electronic music, industrial rhythms, dry beats and tense, whirling melodies.

Black Sun Dreamer

Black Sun Dreamer successfully combine synth-heavy new beat with ghostly atmospheres, while bringing back 80s inspired EBM, ready to set any dance floor into eruption. With Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, their new album and sold out tape, out this year, the Polish band are solidifying their on-going cult status growth. As for Detriti Records, the label has, yet again, collected a priceless, obscure gem.

Parole E Azioni

Berlin-based Parole E Azioni named themselves after words and action, a constant in their music: incisive and progressive. They blend post-punk and EBM with a thin layer of underproduction, this way recreating the rawness of a decade of bands pursuing political change and action through the words and sounds of contestation.

Detriti Mini Festival will happen at Urban Spree, in Friedrichshain, this Friday, 13th December. The event is now sold out. Info here.