Hardly Art – July 26th

On their fourth full-length album, the Seattle-based indie-rock/garage-pop trio have produced an excellent record that demonstrates range without sacrificing cohesion or quality.

The fuzz-laden guitars and vocal harmonies of ‘Only Wish’ have a stuck-to-the-bottom-of your-shoe catchiness similar to early records by Yuck, while the upbeat tempo of the title track wouldn’t be lost on a pop-punk record. Dude York’s latest shares the energy (and lyrical nods) of influences like The Ramones, but can deftly transition to acoustic introspection, shoegaze and back.

Range aside, this pop-at-heart record – see ‘I’m the 1 4 U’ – is a refreshing all-round album that utilises the infinite fracturing of genre.

Photo by Eleanor Petry.

Buy: Dude York – Falling