Ninja Tune – October 18th

On his third album, Floating Points sets himself apart from his Ninja Tune colleagues. Some of the biggest names in electronic music are signed to the label – from Diplo to Helena Hauff to Bicep to Peggy Gou – yet the producer-cum-qualified-neuroscientist has achieved an emotional breakthrough with Crush.

It’s not all for dancing, nor is all of it melancholic enough for simply contemplating; Floating Points – aka Sam Shepherd – flits between experimental techno, transcendent house and dark ambiance to reach the recesses of the human brain. Do we dance? Do we cry? You’ll find me in the club doing both. From the album opener to Crush‘s final credits, jittery synths and anxious strings settle somewhere among the cinematic stardust of his soundscapes.

Photo by Dan Medhurst.

Live: Funkhaus – 16th November